The Role of Power Generator in Mining

The Role of Power Generator in Mining!

Mining itself is a tedious business and is often in remote sites. So, most of the mines require a power generator for operating power. As the power requirements are high and need to be safe in mining sectors located at the remote locations is the main driver for the generator rental market. Power generators provide approximately 72% of power at mining sites including full operation and maintenance. The rising pressure in the industry due to diminishing margin fall in commodity prices has resulted in hiring generators which are provided by Vardayani Power. Rental power is one of the latest trends to avoid challenges and gain traction in this market. Without generator power, miners would have to perform more of the difficult labor such as drilling, excavators, shovel by hand. Diesel is a favored fuel in the mining industry, as it is more efficient and produces close to 30% lesser emissions. It’s less volatile than conventional generators.

The Leading Vendor In The Market- Vardayani Power

The generator rental market for the mining industry consists of established vendors that can offer advanced technology to several small and big industrial units. Vardayani Power quipped to offer certified quality within a short period of time. Segmentation of products from gas to diesel generator in the mining industry was done in 2016 because ease of fuel availability will contribute to the growth of this industry in the coming years. Vardayani Power diesel generators are electric generators that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy as the output. They understand the need for quality assurance and hence only pre-tested diesel generators are provided to the clients. They are serving since 1994 and are pre-certified by the ISO 9001 standard of process quality.

Six benefits of Rental Power Generator by Vardayani Power

  1. The diesel generator provided by Vardayani Power undergo several quality checks and the list of tests include temperature rise test, visual and dimensional check, noise and vibration measurement, the hydrostatic test of the mechanical instrument, measurement and calculation of characteristics, noise and performance, mechanical running test for vibration, check of protection and synchronization devices, and operation of the circuit breaker.
  2. Diesel generator at Vardayani Power mounted multi-megawatt generator which makes the movement of power supply easy.
  3. The rentals are used to meet peak load demands for the mining industry and help clients’ strategies effectively.
  4. The entire unit for power is environment friendly and compliant with the latest standards.
  5. Our range of generators varies from 125 KVA to 750 KVA.
  6. Vardayani Power also offers clients the option to suit their specific requirements for seamless customer experience.

How Does Vardayani Power Meet Your Specific Requirements?

  1. A Multi-megawatt generator that provides power to the mining sector requires a team of engineers stands by you in case of emergency.
  2. Efficient power generators should be transparent and most cost-effective with the complete know-how options.
  3. A customer-centric approach to achieve excellence at all levels.
  4. Vardayani Power helps in finding the best solution as per the need of a site, the size, and design of the project.
  5. Vardayani Power offers solutions in various fields for the commercial or industrial markets in the region.

Vardayani Power Services For Mining Sector

At Vardayani Power, we offer mining companies the best machinery to provide continuous duty on rent where its utter pitch dark. The cost-effective and durable power generator work on different types of fuels as per the need of the user. With rotation and point illumination features, our power generators are best suited for mining works. Engineers are available for a quick and easy install. With our fuel management services, you can get the best fuel for longer durations with a better economy. These generators are productive and a complete package of installment, maintenance, and maximum uptimes. The smooth functioning of mining operations with our equipment is ensured and even it doesn’t need to be stopped during maintenance sessions.

Product Applications Include

  1. DG set from 125 KVA to 750 KVA single units and the range in autonomy from 3 to 7 hours.
  2. Power during maintenance sessions.
  3. No voltage dips due to auxiliary winding or a permanent magnet.
  4. Annual maintenance contract for the DG set deployed at the work location.
  5. Power generator with modular capability which enhances the output.
  6. Emergency power during unplanned outages.
  7. Both emergency and standby generators.
  8. Containerized/canopy diesel generator- reliable, reduced energy & transportation cost.

With this comes, the responsibility to operate mines safely, and Vardayani Power offers the best industrial power generators on rental, as the demands for mined products will continue to increase in the coming years. As power generators are an indispensable part of any industry whether construction sites, events, or infrastructure. The increasing need to provide uninterrupted power in the mining industry is a vital part. Vardayani Power proven ability to provide products and services that exceed these expectations make us an ideal partner with mining companies.