Buy Best Portable HVAC Rental Solutions for COVID-19 Tents and Facilities!

Buy Best Portable HVAC Rental Solutions for COVID-19 Tents and Facilities

The world is grappling with the COVID 19 crisis. All facilities and infrastructure are being tested. Across the world, hospitals are falling short of beds. Keeping this challenge in mind, many more hospitals, administration and medical facilities are being set up. Still many hospitals are struggling with issues like shortage of bed. So to get a solution for this infrastructure gap due to the ongoing COVID 19 Crisis many hospitals have now starting provisioning for tents. These two-bed tents are being created for separation, isolation and quarantine of people infected or suspected with the disease.

These portable tents are usually made of waterproof fabric, mild steel and aluminium alloy with an area of about 9.55 square meters. These tents can be set up anywhere with basic facilities and will provide additional support and facilities. They will thus impart facilities apart from the traditional offerings of hospitals. The best thing about the portable tent facilities is that they can be set up in a short period.

Portable Tents To Aid More COVID 19 Patients Or Suspects

These portable tents can be shifted with ease from one location to another. This makes them a huge boon to the already overflowing hospitals and medical facilities. But in the hot and dry regions or the cooler areas, these tents need some temperature maintenance. This is especially important if they are placed in open areas.

As per the advisory issued by the health departments, it is important to provide proper ventilation in the COVID 19 facilities. The best action to limit the risk of COVID 19 infection by air is through ventilating the inside environment with outside air as much as possible. Mechanical ventilation systems and air condition can provide better ventilation than traditional mediums. As they improve the quality of outdoor air with ventilation.

This is where portable heating and cooling devices come into use. The evaporative coolers, desert coolers, air conditioners and spot cooling or heating devices can provide effective cooking or heating in such portable facilities. This portable equipment can effectively reduce the inside temperature from outside temperature by 15 degrees. These indoor units may be connected via refrigerants or chilled water pipes to outdoor units or a chiller.

Vardayani Power Provides Great Solutions Through Portable Rental Equipment

Vardayani Power is a leading provider of portable air conditioners, heaters, chillers, heaters, dehumidifiers, and power generators for industrial and commercial markets. They can transport and install rental equipment wherever it is needed and they provide excellent support services.

Vardayani Power has years of experience in the construction and installation of HVAC systems. They also have the required expertise and customer service for all types of projects. They can easily provide air conditioner rentals that meet any temporary cooling needs of any type of portable tents or medical units. Their qualified team of engineers and technicians are ready for any size or space-related challenges.

Depending on the place and conditions, the portable tents may require spot Coolers, air conditioners, chillers, heaters, dehumidifiers, generators or transformers. There may be some other emergency equipment needs that may come up as the COVID 19 challenge unfolds. So there are chances of the requirement of round the clock support. No matter when or where the portable rental cooling requirement is, Vardayani Power is there for support.

The industrial air conditioners and rentals provide emergency or temporary cooling services for all industries. The need for rental air conditioners for any type of facilities including industrial setups can be fulfilled through Vardayani Power. They have all types of temporary cooling and heating equipment. They are available in varied sizes and are capable of cooling smaller or large volumes of air.

Below Are Some Of The Rentals Available With Vardayani Power:

  1. Low Noise Air Conditioners- These are useful in medical tents and hospitals. They are specialized portable rental air conditioner units. They have a capacity of 1 ton to 35 tons of portable air conditioners and come with rental temperature control accessories.
  2. Low Noise Line Of Air Conditioners – Another range ideal for situations when low noise is the priority. They provide up to 30 tons of rental cooling with a low sound rating.
  3. Portable Temperature Control Units – They have internal condensation pumps that can remove condensation from tents. They also have built-in variable-speed fans and hot-gas bypass for low-load conditions.
  4. Spot Coolers – They are a great help in hot and dry regions. They are a cost-effective solution for cooling a tent. Spot coolers can save money and reduce energy usage by only cooling a specific region. They are great rentals for use in any type of hospitals, clinicians’ portable tents.
  5. Mobile Heating Equipment – The full line of portable heating solutions meet any type of need. The portable solutions are fit for any type of space and a large open area too. Whether outdoor or indoor this equipment has you covered. They are high-quality portable solutions with great customer service.
  6. Air-Cooled Air Conditioners – They are the most demanded and popular cooling solutions. These air-cooled units have a wide range of sizes and capacities. They can handle any type of heating or cooling need. Depending on the area and region, the best unit can be bought with help from technicians as per the location.
  7. Water-Cooled Air Conditioners – This unit provides efficient cooling situation and just need a water source. They require a proper water source and a drain. These portable air conditioners are great for cooling small to medium-sized tents. They are thus ideal for cooling down a small COVID 19 tent in the hot and dry region without much fuss.

All these portable rental units can be used to solve many temperature control problems in COVID 19 screening or isolation tents. They are portability and make for quick installation. They can resolve the problem in any situation whether emergency or planned.

The portable units are durable and versatile units and capable of any application. The units from Vardayani Power are constructed with heavy-duty materials. They are designed for temporary cooling during any emergency. They also help with supplemental cooling to help an existing system and also as standalone units.

So if you are planning to rent any portable units from Vardayani Power, they also follow all guidelines for COVID 19. These guidelines are as follows:

  • Air filters must be kept clean
  • Inspect and clean indoor unit coils
  • Provide adequate ventilation
  • Relative humidity should be between 40 % to 70%
  • Set room temperature between 24 to 30 degrees