Diesel Power Generator Rental Service in India

Diesel Generator Hire

Renting our diesel generator offers a reliable solution to your electricity generation problems. Vardayani Power is India’s leading provider of diesel generator rental services. We have a large selection of DG kits that can be rented all over India. Our diesel generator sets are well-maintained and backed up by a staff of highly skilled experts. Our diesel generator sets are offered for rent in capacities ranging from 25 kVA to 2000 kVA.

Our diesel generator rental service is available for both long and short periods of time. We present a high-quality diesel generator set rented to all our esteemed customers. The generator has a high performance and is known for its compact design, easy operation, and lower maintenance fees. These generators are used in various industries and are highly valued around the world. They are available at lower market prices and can be afforded as Diesel Power Generator Hire.

Modern is your dependable temporary power equipment partner. Our wide range of generator rentals has earned us a reputation for providing cost-effective and dependable Diesel Generator Rental Service in India.

Key features of our rental diesel generator

Diesel Generator Hire can help you save a lot of things and have multiple features. A few of them are mentioned below: 

  • Off-road ready, compact, and portable with new benchmarking performance, reliability, and efficiency.
  • In tanks with a reduced footprint, the device ensures first-class space-saving and cost-effective energy production.
  • No acoustic case assembly or installation work.
  • Power disconnect system for both cable termination and bus control.
  • Plug and play concept.
  • A trailer-mounted mobile version is available on request.
  • During a power outage, rental generators come in handy. However, they are ready-to-use devices that are portable and benchmark their performance.
  • Diesel generators with a compact design are very reliable and efficient in the long run.
  • Companies that use rental generators pay for it according to use and consumption.

Advantages of our rented diesel generator

Here are a few benefits of Diesel Generator Rental in Surat. Along with this, you can also have ultimate features that can save you from heavy blockage. 

  • The power source is a reliable and proven Cummins engine with state-of-the-art power command controllers.
  • Only one trailer is needed for transport.
  • Improved noise cancellation for all prime/standby applications
  • Possible commissioning on the same day.
  • Cooling system with significant fuel economy.
  • Smaller footprint compared to conventional modular acoustic generators.
  • All doors are equipped with locking functions for security.

Construction characteristics of rented generators

The most powerful generator you will come across is a diesel generator. It’s also often smaller than a gas generator and has fewer parts than a solar system. Because it has fewer moving parts, even less maintenance is required. Water-cooled diesel engines can be left in the field for a long time before being placed into use. Here mentioning a few characteristics of Diesel Generator Rental Services. 

  • ISO type container with a 4-point lifting device on top.
  • Zinc-rich marine-quality paint for corrosion resistance.
  • Chamber roof, structured design that accommodates a silencer with a jointless construction.
  • Large double access doors with slats with washable dust filters.
  • Access from the side door.
  • Lockable side doors with the panic release.
  • Power command controller that can be accessed outside the container.
  • Auxiliary power connection with 220/240 V AC interior lighting.
  • Suitable for installation in any replacement without foundation/floor covering.

Applications for a rented diesel generator

Our diesel generators are used in many industries and applications. Our leased fuel-efficient diesel generators are used in industries such as construction, oil and gas, refineries, chemical plants, solar energy, wind, and more.

Where can you rent a diesel generator?

Rental of diesel generators can provide a cost-effective energy production solution in the following cases:

  • Providing temporary meals at a remote workplace or outdoor events, such as a concert or ball game
  • 24 – hour electricity supply for emergency lighting
  • Meeting the increased electricity demand of production or industrial facility
  • Replacement of equipment that is temporarily out of service during repair

Why choose Vardayani Power to rent a diesel generator?

Renting a commercial diesel generator is the best way to get more power in standby mode without spending a lot of money. Renting a generator is an excellent alternative for any type of organization or personal necessity for short-term use. The benefits of renting from VardayaniPower are mentioned below:

  • High-quality equipment in top-class operation
  • Portable machines for maximum mobility
  • All essential power generation accessories are available, such as cables, panels, fuel tanks, transformers, and more
  • Flexible, affordable daily, weekly, monthly or long-term leases
  • A smooth rental process that saves time and eliminates hassles
  • No worries about maintenance or repairs – we can do it all for you
  • Fast delivery to your site

We are a leading organization that rents generators that are widely used in homes, offices, industries, and factories. Our generators are available according to customer requirements.


In Vardayani Power Rental solutions, we offer fast service for both emergency and planned projects. We have a wide range of generator rental equipment that offers flexibility so that they can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease.

VardayaniPower generator rental meets your specific and individual generator rental needs and offers you the best power solutions.

Our generator rental service offers peace of mind. Our rental service takes customer security very seriously. We adhere to safety standards. The generator rental equipment we supply has design features that ensure safety in the location of your choice. All our rented generators are fully maintained and tested.