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Manufacturing is an essence of the secondary industry, which involves human activities ranging from handicraft to high-tech. Since the modern world employs more hi-tech manufacturing than the earlier times, the internal structure of a manufacturing site has attained an increased reliance over the uninterrupted power supply and controlled temperature conditions. And this reliance is irrespective of the methods of manufacturing being practiced today; whether it is agile manufacturing, fabrication, flexible manufacturing, just-in-time manufacturing, lean manufacturing, manufacturing engineering, mass customization, mass production, numerical control, prefabrication, rapid manufacturing, and reconfigurable manufacturing system. This is where Vardayani Power fits in. In association with our production partners, we deliver quality industrial cooling systems and diesel power generators on rent.

Quality Rental Solutions for Your Cooling and Power Needs

In a manufacturing business, where you already have core manufacturing units to be managed, renting the equipment for power and cooling processes is a new ownership trend. Vardayani power renders the consultation and rental services in the field of power & cooling solutions for daily manufacturing activities, emergency, and planned shutdowns. Our state-of-the-art products provide comfort cooling, bridge cooling, process cooling, trial & test, temporary power, and bridge power functionalities.

All the equipment are portable and individually customized to meet the running demand for power and thermostatic functions. To be precise, we have-

Chillers to be used in process cooling

Emergency services, contingency planning, equipment for ease to process is provided by Vardayani Power air handlers and air conditioners to be used in maintaining the internal temperature of the manufacturing site

And heat exchangers to be used to recover the wasted energy & heat stream exhausted during the industrial process.

What Vardayani promise here is the service, which is qualified, quantified, and pre-tested for efficient results. Our collaboration with certified developers of the products we offer imbibes our confidence as a quality service provider in the field of industrial power and cooling solutions.

Tell us what you need

We’ll help you figure out the right solution for you (Not just we’ll help you find what’s right for you)

Tell us what you need

We’ll help you figure out the right solution for you (Not just we’ll help you find what’s right for you)