5 Key considerations before finalizing a Power Generator to ensure better productivity!

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5 Key considerations before finalizing a Power Generator to ensure better productivity!

Power generators are extremely useful in most industries especially in infrastructure projects, events or construction sites. They help in backup and help deal with an unpredictable outrage in power. These generate protection from incessant power cuts and also prevent damage to the hardware of the manufacturing unit. Power generators are a reliable and versatile source of power and can immensely help in increasing productivity and in providing vital support to the entire production cycle. This makes them a vital part of hospitals, manufacturing units, industries, and hospitality industries.

As power generators are an indispensable part of any Industry and help in increasing productivity, it is important to consider certain parameters while choosing a generator to ensure you do not regret later.

These are described below:

  1. Size of the Generator: Most industries commonly determine the size of the generator by keeping the kVA needs as a yardstick. But it is important to consider the load of the motor that runs in the generator. If a generator is not sized properly then it can lead to frequency dips or higher voltage. But there are multiple solutions to deals with power inrush or frequency dips. Generators are now equipped with either permanent magnet or auxiliary winding. These solutions are part of installations and are useful in step-up transformers. Due to these techniques, it is no longer needed to purchase large generators. Many generators have smart control for the voltage which reduces fuel consumption and reduces voltage and maintenance cost so even smaller generators can serve the purpose.
  2. Modular Capability: Many electric generators are set up in parallel with others to create a modular setup. So even if your requirement is a single unit do ask the installer to ensure that you can convert to a modular unit later on. This is quite helpful in future when you want to install parallel generators and to create the setup similar to a power plant. You should ensure that the generator is equipped with this type of capability and how long will it take to pair these generators. There are many benefits of a generator with modular capability. It enhanced the reliability of the equipment by increasing the output. The failure of single unit can also be mitigated through such a setup. This helps as other units can be maintained with similar power output. This also reduces the cost of servicing and increases service intervals. The entire unit doesn’t need to be stopped during maintenance sessions.
  3. fuel efficiency: There are many designs and innovations in generator designs to increase the efficiency of generators. These generators consume lesser fuel and this equipment can be used for longer durations with a better economy. These generators are more productive and driving the growth of industries. A fuel efficient generator can help in bringing down costs and increasing life. So whenever you choose a generator do consult a few manufacturers to ensure better fuel consumption. A generator with modular capability also improves fuel efficiency.
  4. Physical Transportation: It is important to determine the size of the unit as it needs to be towed or loaded from one unit to another. Many generators come with features like forklift slots or eyes for lifting. To ensure that transportation is easier especially in case of multiple generators that are stacked on top of each other? These smaller activities have a bearing on cost considerations of the entire operations. This are considerations and factors that affect the preference of a particular size of the generator. The generator should be of an accurate physical size to ensure ease of transportation especially in case of larger installations for modular units. You can take expert advice to understand the latest developments that are designed to help in matching the applications with the outputs.
  5. Power Output: There are many options that are available while buying power generators is the power outputs. The options for generators are many and while finalizing all the devices and appliances that you wish to hook up add as per respective power requirements. One should factor an extra amount of power that can help in establishing the amount of power that is required for establishing what type of generators you will be buying. While buying a generator, go by the general guideline of keeping it powered in case of outrage. There are many facilities that are basic and important in an industry like lighting. The basic power generating unit can range from 1.5 to 2 kVA power generation units. Generators can range in autonomy from 3 to 7 hours.

So while buying a power generator so keep these above considerations in mind to ensure a generator with higher productivity and longer life.