Vardayani Power Pvt.Ltd. Continues innovation by embracing cost effective and reliable HFO Package!

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Vardayani Power Pvt. Ltd. Continues innovation by embracing cost effective and reliable HFO Package!

As the world is moving toward more innovative techniques in fuel technology, many breakthroughs are being done in the field of power generation and consumption. One of the latest technologies that is becoming quite popular in most industries is that of HFO Power. It helps in creating fuel flexibility and is a long term solution that can ensure sustainable power related technologies. This is a cost-effective option that helps industries in meeting their power needs in a cost effective manner even when grid power is not available.

What is HFO Technology?

The main component of HFO is natural gas that mostly consists of methane. It is now being used innovatively by liquefying. Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) is also known as residual oil and is a by- product of refining of crude oil. It is created after many contaminants are left out after refining of lighter oil. This is a cheap form of oil that is more cost effective than other solutions. For use of such gases, they must comply with general quality specifications.

Many manufacturers are now investing in this technology as they are sustainable and cost effective solutions and it is a speedy solution for Power Generation. The best thing about HFO is that it gives round-the-clock power at a flexible speed and is reliable, scalable and extremely efficient. HFO package is useful tool for variety of power needs in different types of industries and helps in bridging the gap between high power requirement and low power supply. It helps in cost optimization and in providing power quickly due to increased capacity.

Advantages of HFO Technology

There are many operational challenges which need to be met in an industrial scenario and there could be situations where you need a power related set up within a week or 10 days. In such a case, you should typically be able to generate power within 90 days time with such a technology like HFO. These technologies help the industries in synchronizing with different grids wherever available at any voltage required. This helps in bringing stable power with an infrastructure that is permanent.

Some of the major advantages of HFO technology are that the investment is not high and there is a lot of flexibility in terms of replacement of inefficient and ageing infrastructure. This is helpful in avoiding breakdowns and in increasing productivity with lower operational costs involved. The maintenance costs are also greatly reduced as the fuel costs are reduced. Such technology also benefits from fuel savings as compared to other fossil fuels which is a great achievement with HFO technology.

Vardayani Power Leads the Way with HFO technology

Vardayani Power was established in 1994 with the aim to provide complete power solutions to industries. They offer best quality products that are empowered through innovation and top notch quality. Their team has the expertise in industry and is creating great quality products that empower industries that is supported with world class facilities and infrastructure. They offer Innovations and support that helps in delivering customized and foolproof solutions. Designing these solutions as per the client needs and delivering them to their stakeholders is what has led them to become a pioneer in the industry. It is a company that is managed by a bunch of professionals and is a power solutions company that is much ahead of its competition.

Vardayani Power has it’s headquarters in Ahmedabad and they have a team of more than 50 employees who are extremely experienced and professional with capacity to cater to a wide variety of clients. They cater to many Indian clients with their power related needs. They are experts in renting power and cooling solutions across India. They are ISO 9001 assured for their quality and process and they provide top notch solutions related to diesel generators, air conditioners, air handlers, chillers and other products. They are associated with the technology partners who are pioneers in the industry.

Below are the key strengths of Vardayani Power:

  • Technology–Vardayani Power understands that technology is changing at a fast pace and thus to move at pace with the times, our engineers come up with solutions at a fast pace as per the requirement of their clients. They offer fast paced and modern solutions that are customize dad per the client needs with technological innovations.
  • Efficiency–Vardayani Power provides long term and safe products that are functional and cost effective products and any solutions for long term powering needs. This helps in smooth running of operations and gives proficient results.
  • Reliability –The team at Vardayani Power has been creating reliable products that are ISO 9001 certified and have utmost quality checks to ensure products that are technologically advanced and of best quality.

Vardayani Power is now venturing into HFO power solutions that will provide cost effective and quick solutions by fast tracking power solutions in a reliable manner. They help in optimizing costs and in bridging gap while increasing capacity.

Below are some of the reasons why you should work with Vardayani Power:

  • They have the necessary technological expertise in the field of power solutions
  • Provides customized and value added services
  • Solutions that are efficient and cost effective with impeccable after sales services
  • Experienced and professional team
  • Provides customized solutions after understanding customer needs
  • Provides operational excellence and best installations
  • Looks for solutions that are sustainable and energy conserving

So do look out for Vardayani Power for your rental needs when it comes to power generation and cooling requirement and be assured of the best services.