Power Generator for Food and Beverages Industry Available on Rent in India

Motors used in the food and beverage industry often have unique and demanding requirements in segments such as meat, poultry, and fish, dairy, and bakery products, but also in applications such as mills, mixers, and conveyors. Machinery is also required to operate smoothly, for longer, and with the highest possible energy efficiency throughout its life. Vardayani Power offers proven energy-efficient motors for the entire food and beverage industry. Vardayani Power engines help drive food and beverage applications from raw material handling to processing and delivery, packaging, and storage, without compromising on industry standards. Are you still confused between renting or buying? Read ahead to understand what’s best for you!

Well Sanitised Equipment

It is important to invest in such equipment that can help you keep food and your reputation safe. Disinfection of equipment is a challenge, but hygiene conditions must be maintained to ensure the safe consumption of food and drink. The potential impact of a breach can be devastating. Vardayanipower is a key weapon in the fight for best practice hygiene standards. That’s why Vardayanipower stainless steel motors, bearings, and transmission solutions are designed with food safety in mind.

Save Your Money 

Every penny counts in food production. That’s why our washing solutions will save you money in the long run Did you know that stainless steel motors are designed to last up to five times longer than conventional motors in harsh washing environments? If the engine survives extreme conditions, it also means you save money: Maintenance, Loss of production due to downtime, Engine replacement costs. Want to know how much you can save by turning your regular engines into stainless steel? Try the Vardayani Power generators and you’ll know in seconds.

Zero business interruption

You need to work during the seasons and during the harvest to create, bottle, and package your products. We enable supply and demand cycles that are rarely in sync. Now keep the food items in perfect condition, not only for days but sometimes for months. And all this without any glitches or downtime.

Custom rental solutions 

Our extensive fleet of generators, coolers, cooling towers, dehumidifiers, heaters, dryers, and other utilities are designed to give you peace of mind. Whether it’s a short-term momentum, a planned shutdown, or an unforeseen crisis, our team of experts will design the perfect solution for you. With decades of experience in dealing with such challenges, we know exactly what to do to keep your plants working in the production process completely without interruption.

Protecting your products 

Imagine the confusion when your freezers are packed and your products go bad. Without proper control of force, cooling and humidity, manufacturers may face severe headaches. We know the needs of the food and drink industry upside down. This means we can take action when you need it most – keeping the best conditions so that you can prepare the most delicious food and drink.

Avoid costly production breaks

It is inevitable that you will need to upgrade or maintain your equipment at some point. But turning does not mean you have to close the whole plant. When it’s time to turn off your power or cooling, we’re behind you. Now you do not have to worry about all your customers as once we set up the generators and coolers in the place, you can keep your production running – and your customers.

Extra support in high season 

Many foods and beverage companies are run by the seasons. And if your peak production lasts only three months, it’s hard to justify paying for generators, coolers, and dryers you don’t need during the off-season. Therefore, we bend according to your needs. As the weather warms up, we can bring in our coolers. And if the bumper catch means you have to increase production, you can count on us to get the extra power you need. Regardless of your changing needs, we can help your facilities get the best results with our cost-effective and efficient power, heating, energy storage, and cooling systems.

We speak your language

Our engineers understand the challenges you face. So if you need to put a paused animation of flowers or fruits, we have the best coolers for the job. And if you need to feed your bottling or packaging lines, we know exactly what you need. What’s more, once we have everything in order, we’re ready to monitor and adjust as your needs change. There is a big difference in our experience. We make sure you get exactly what you need. Fast.

Quick response

We do not want our customers to wait and feel uncomfortable with the products that we provide to them. So we are always available to help you out in any situation. We are always ready to reply to you even in any emergencies in your facility faster than anyone else in the company by protecting valuable inventory and business-critical operations first. We also have a collection of Equip temporary coolers, dryers, and other equipment for just the month you need it. We will keep all your operations and processes uninterrupted during scheduled shutdowns.


When renting our Vardayani power, we offer a wide range of diesel generators, large container generators, distribution panels, AWP lifts, boom lifts for short, medium, and long term leases to improve the productivity and efficiency of your processes. Our experience in the field of rental capacity support with a team of specialists will help you with site management, including fuel management, compliance, and regulatory framework management before visiting the site. We offer spare generator rental solutions for production generators mainly for the main power supply, emergency scheduled maintenance, standby/peak power, emergency after a natural disaster, process improvement. If you are looking for support, contact Vardayani power immediately and get the best services in India.