Selecting The Best Rental Generator!

Selecting The Best Rental Generator

Here’s how to answer the most common question “which generator should I select?”

For the most part, we are an energy addicted society that doesn’t think twice about having accessible power available at every turn, and thankfully it is been take care of by Vardayani Power. There is a wide range of options available and picking the right generator for you is a straight-forward process and your first step is simply to choose according to your needs. By taking the time to evaluate the options in watt size, engine size, and price. Generators are made for three uses emergency, recreational, and professional, by this; you will be able to find the right generator to fit your needs. There are many areas where you can save money on generators, such as opting out for rental services, which means less cost, and going to do the job you are buying it for.

Different types of Generators

Portable Generators

  • Portable generators are the perfect solution for emergency preparedness and you can move it easily.
  • Larger portable generators are often towable and are used at places like construction sites, recreational and outdoor events without interruption.
  • These generators are a popular means to provide power in remote areas with completely unplugged from the electrical grid.
  • Smaller portable generators are commonly used for recreation such as football games, tailgating, and camping.

Standby Generators

  • Standby generators are designed to protect your home and your business throughout the vulnerable power outages.
  • Depending upon the unit and your home’s power requirement these generators can maintain multiple refrigerators, laundry rooms pumps, two air-conditioners, kitchen appliances, furnaces, and pretty much anything you are used to powering without any crisis. These generators are more likely used as a comfort and reliable backup supply of electricity whenever your regular power source is down. They mostly burn natural gas and liquid propane.
  • These generators are programmed to automatic start or stop function which routes electricity into your business or home as and when needed.

Recreational Vehicle Generators

  • Recreational generators and inverter generators are used for your camping and tailgate parties since you will be traveling and carrying it with you during your vacations.
  • The price and noise levels are significantly low and permanently mounted on your motorhome and trailer as they are smaller in size and lighter in weight.
  • They run on diesel, liquid propane, and gasoline to power your RV electrical and AC needs.
  • It is expensive than portable generators but a great investment if you spend a lot of time traveling with your RV.

Power Take-Off Generators

  • This generator produces electricity with the help of an alternator, which can use a tractor’s engine to produce electricity.
  • They are designed to produce electrical power on ranch tools and farms where most people already own powerful engines in their tractors and PTO runs with your tractor to create electrical power.
  • For this, you need to select your electrical phase because PTO units either single or three-phase electricity.

Professional Generators

  • These generators feature much more powerful engines and have larger tanks designed to run day in and day out servicing many users and a variety of needs for the job site.
  • They are expensive but are equipped with idle controls, copper windings, brushless alternators, high capacity outlets, and warranty.
  • Professionals can be expected to utilize in an operation that may be weekly if not daily basis.

Consumer Grade Generators

  • Consumer-grade generators are silent powered diesel generators and welder generators that can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.
  • Used by farmers, ranchers, and businesses who need the durability of a diesel generator with a fair price.

Rental Services at Vardayani Power

  • Vardayani Power rentals, since its inception in the year 1994 in Ahmedabad, our pioneering attitude, determination to succeed, and vast experience in the generator rental business have resulted in being the preferred choice in power rentals.
  • Vardayani Power is the leading provider of power rental services in Gujarat by being responsible, innovative, and competitive by maintaining consistency in quality.
  • Our policy of providing the best quality diesel generator sets on hire and service by expert technicians at value prices remains our priority in today’s competitive environment.
  • Now the company is the market leader with the largest clientele in Gujarat.
  • Much of Vardayani Power’s success is due to our accurate interpretation of the client’s needs and supporting them with the latest equipment and back-up services.
  • We believe in continuous up-gradation in our generators and by professionalism, we are achieving customer delight as a source of strategic competitive advantage.
  • When you choose Vardayani Power generators on hire in Ahmedabad, you are aligning yourself with a company of more than 20 years of successful experience.
  • Our team consists of intelligence and experienced engineers who have been involved in numerous projects throughout the state.
  • We make sure that we match customer requirements with high-value economic installations.
  • With a strong and comprehensive team of more than 50+ team members, we cater to extensive technical expertise and experience in power solutions.

Call us at +91-9825007760/+91-9824001812 or email us at  to discuss your on-site and standby power requirements. We have the right choice of generators and maintain an inventory of the best machines. We can provide value-added services and take keen measures for energy conservation. So don’t hesitate to call us as we will satisfy you the same way as we have delighted so many before.