Power Generator Saves the Telecom Industry!

Power Generator Saves the Telecom Industry

The very nature of the Telecom Industry ensures that its systems and reliability are going through a transitional shift with increasing smartphone penetration. Anyone working within the telecom industry understands that one of their greatest challenges will be to keep data traffic with strong telecom networks. The power generators are used for backup power in case of grid failure, power outages, and emergencies like natural disasters. The generators can also be used as primary and backup power in rural areas, and areas with unreliable grid supply, as in some cases, the sites will be in the mountains or deep woods.

To get new lines to the remote locations might be a process that will take weeks or months, and progress cannot wait on the power company to get their new lines strung to the work sites. Instead, Vardayani Power makes the assurance that they will provide the full amount of electric power to the cell phone tower construction crews when they need it. The telecom sector has to foresee worst-case scenarios and prepare contingency plans to address disasters. This is the very reason why the telecom industry relies so heavily on power generators at their work sites.

Facing the challenge of keeping essential power flowing does not need to be a daunting task and Vardayani Power can provide all the powers needed in most situations. Diesel power generators are reliable, long-lasting, and obvious choices for many experts in the telecom industry to provide the backup power supplies they need for their cell phone towers.

Below is the learning for the people who wonder why they should rent a used diesel generator when they could purchase a new instead. The following benefits mentioned below:

  • Diesel power generators are water-cooled and run at a low RPM level, as a result, they run tens of thousands of hours before requiring a significant amount of maintenance or repair work.
  • Low-hour diesel power generators are available at significantly reduced prices and can gain all the benefits of having a new Genset.
  • Low-hour generators are just as efficient as the new ones.
  • Renting a diesel generator is often more cost-effective than purchasing a new generator for a set amount of time.
  • Diesel generators are mounted on a trailer, they are tow ready and you can put them where you need them and when you need them.
  • The best part when you rent a diesel generator, you do not have to ask permission or renegotiate a contract with the supplier if you want to move the generator to a different work site.
  • Used generators permit their owners with more flexibility in their use.
  • The best advantage if you rent a diesel power generators to supply needs of a cell phone tower is that the manager can put aside any concerns related to the power supply and can focus their time and attention on those matters that will help them to improve their services and increase their profits.
  • Used diesel generators are affordable for back-up telecommunications towers and a great way to save on your investment without sacrificing quality.
  • They have longer lifespans than other generators and run at lower temperatures.
  • Less flammable than other fuel types and making it a safer option for the telecom sector.
  • The most important thing to look for in a backup generator is reliability and available in need of crisis.

Types of Generators

  1. Premium AC generators for Cell Tower

These generators are the best solution for most of the telecom sector where you want to offer a specific energy solution with the best efficient range.

  1. DC Generators

DC generators are designed to meet the telecom industry needs in terms of the back-up power source or as a core product for the sites. They are pocket friendly in terms of fuel consumption and engine running hours.

  1. AC Generators

The basic principle of any data center is to ensure the security of the data stored in it and this backup power generator is aligned for data centers.

  1. Hybrid Generators

These are very low polluting emissions and extremely fuel-saving generators. These come with flexible solutions and employ the cheapest energy source available at that moment.

  1. Storage Systems

It is an energy storage system designed to supply power to the AC load as a primary source as and when required.

Rental Services at Vardayani Power

  • Vardayani Power helps the customers flourish their business strategies and make better decisions using expert technicians.
  • With a transparent information pool, we meet clients’ commitments on high standards, objectives and offer competitive prices.
  • Vardayani Power is a trusted source for all power generation needs.
  • From expert advice and appropriate customer service, we are here to help with a variety of power generators on rent.
  • We offer rentals for power generation needs, including chillers, generators, HVAC, and other power accessories.
  • We offer rental and refurbish generators at fantastic prices.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and see how Vardayani Power can assist you today and make the generator sale simple. We have an inventory of used generators that are reliable because our experts make sure that every unit goes through a strict quality check before it is delivered to any client. For help getting started or to learn more about generators, you can count on Vardayani Power as it is a one-stop source for all your power generation equipment needs.

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